Wrapping up

Mixing various sands and modelling ballast, I began coating the base for texture
Even washed a few bits of gravel from my driveway to use as boulders. 

Over all this i put a wash of ogryn flesh, which has a nice muddy reddish color to it (and its certainly useless for actual flesh)

Regular old PVA Elmer's school glue, best stuff for flocking bases with sand.

Static grass I feel looks best in large amounts, especially the more brightly colored GW type:
Dried Parsley makes decent leaves
Since I didn't want to buy pigments (well, I WANTED to, just couldn't afford it) I used chalk pastels and crushed em up, mortar and pestle style with one of Ophelia's wooden blocks.  Then I dusted it over like rouge for a nice dried trail dust effect


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