Stonewall's Stand

Oh Plinth, you so crazee.

Why can't I ever be satisfied with a model?  Why must I always MacGuyver some household shizz to make it my own?

Not really ecstatic about Stonewall's resin base.  The design is ok, it has blasted cannon fragments, a nice smoothed out lip, and some rocks in place.  But the cannoneer's kepi lying on the ground is a redundant design element since the figure will be holding his own kepi.  the resin casting is a tad uneven, negating the smooth lip, and there are air bubbles (ZOMG! RESIN MODELS WITH AIRBUBBLES?!  thought that was the exclusive realm of Games Workshop these days (nailed it)).

So what I'd really like is a proper plinth.  Either a totally abstract stone column style, or perhaps a different scene.  I'm planning on including a quote from Jackson on the base somewhere, most likely his dying words "Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees." which makes me think of a lush creekside scene, something very Virginia-ey.  Not sure how I'll pull it off.  Still...  pictures soon (probably today)


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