Stonewall Jackson ad Portum!

Hey Folks You may have noticed the lack of pictures (or maybe you didnt... crickets) Anyways, the school semester is drawing to a close, and as I am wrapping up final exams, This holiday season I've got one major, major project planned. Verlinden's 120mm North and South series Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson for the family. I love giving paintings away for holiday gifts for a multitude of reasons, not least of which it costs me a lot less since I'd be painting anyways. I just pretend its a non-commissioned piece. Well, the thing is my domain usually resides firmly in the 28mm category. While I've worked on larger pieces, I've never been especially happy (mainly due to low quality molds, and yes I'm looking at you Tamiya. You get a great rep but your figures are lackluster sometimes). Today, Stonewall arrived. Got him directly from Verlinden via their eBay front (which means cheaper than most sources) and while my hopes were high, this thing BLEW THEM AWAY. It's an astonishing figure, with an impeccable mold integrity and an expressive, natural pose. Here is a couple images of finished versions of this incredible figure: (NOT BY ME)
Once I sit down and begin cleanup (even resin models could use a little touchup) I'll take more images of the "in progress" variety. One of the big shifts from my usual method is to incorporate oil paints for the face. Acrylics are an amazing tool for an artist, and there really is no superior option for painting miniatures. Since I made the change to Vallejo acrylics, I've seen a dramatic shift in my color range and application. But as wonderful as acrylics are, even with a blending medium it gets very difficult to get a smooth even blend. in such tiny paintings, this rarely is a huge issue and is easily overcome with a little paint preparation. But I want to try to take my figures to a new level, and while I'll be doing basic fleshtones and the uniform with acrylics, the facial features I'll be using some Winsor & Newton oils. I'm incredibly excited. The oils should arrive next week sometime, giving me enough time to finish my exams, clean and assemble the figure, and probably prime and basecoat before the oils arrive. Then, I'll hopefully be able to do justice to this wonderful piece. I really hope my family likes it. The Christmas diorama I made for them a few years ago using Reaper minis is still a major conversation piece. I had wanted to paint a confederate regiment (they live in Kentucky if you couldn't tell) but time and budget lead me to a single piece, and I lucked onto Verlinden's incredible line. If this turns out well, maybe we'll see Gen. Lee next year.


  1. Taibreamh said...

    Meanwhile, in the rest of the shoppe (that extra p and e make 'shop' look like it's owned by an old lady who can't decide if she sells coffee or books... or cats)the paintette (I like to refer to myself in the third person) will be spending winter break getting cozy with The Devil's Brigade for FoW, which will be up for auction in the coming weeks.
    I'd also like to rock out a couple personal Reapers for Pathfinder. If you're looking for a new avatar for Christmas hit us up. Pathfinder has been clawing at the back door of my mind for the last few weeks- will this school term never end??? I'm really loving a return to old school pen a paper game play (well- not OLD old school) and I'm pretty excited about the game specific sculpts that have come out for Pathfinder.

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