Returning update!

Hey kids

Just got back from a long visit to the family in Kentucky. Lots of bluegrass, Natural Light, and sweat.

Decided to hit the minis hard. I've got not one, but two platoons of FoW minis on the way here from feeBay, both are The Devil's Brigade, probably going to sell as one unit. Definitely looking forward to that.

Also, going to have to get going on these damned BloodBowl teams, since NFL season is beginning. Not a sports an, probably the biggest reason I haven't already cranked them out, but pics once I've got some work to show.

However, the BIGGEST news is I've decided to start a YouTube channel dedicated to my painting. More news when theres something to tell, but a Graphic Artist friend of mine is working on a solid logo along with a 3D animated intro on Maya. Can't wait to see what his talented ass gives me. Trying to gather some free indie music to attach, and can't stop listening to dubstep, so most of it will probably be in that vein (no lyrics=easy to narrate over)

Anyhoo, there will be pics up eventually, once theres pics to show.


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