Painting status

Well, here's a quick rundown of where I'm at on painting.

The big project is the two Blood Bowl teams I've got, filed down and prepared for priming. Theyll be painted in Packers and Steelers colors, because I can.

I've got a company of German panzergrenadiers from Flames of War. I dont usually paint 15mm, but these are popular.

currently on the table though is an old lady with a shotgun from the ancient (1982) Grenadier Call of Cthulhu line.

There is also Reaper's Perseus Greek Hero in the finishing stages, just some cleanup and detail work.

A squad of Wh40k Gretchin are waiting to be completed, and so are the rest of my Sisters of Battle army.

I normally use acrylic paints, switched about a year ago from Citadel to Vallejo, and I doubt a team of horses could drag me back to Citadels. However, that's not to say I'll never try something new, so I bought a set of oil paints from Daler Rowney, just for something new for wet blending.


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