I made gunk

One thing acrylic painters learn to do is add crap to the mix to get what they want. Matte and gloss mediums, flo aid, blending medium, on and on.

One thing though is that at the dilution I paint with (10:1 and thinner sometimes) I decided to just make up a big batch of additives and put it in a dropper bottle.

it's 50% distilled water, 25% matte medium, 15% slo-dri blending medium, and about 5 drops of dishwashing liquid. The water helps thin the paint, the matte medium keeps things satin and keeps the pigment from separating in the water. The slo-dri blending medium helps when mixing colors together on the model, and the dishwashing liquid sounds weird, doesnt it?

it acts to break the surface tension of water so it flows easier without just pooling up into little bubbles of paint.

So far it works pretty well, just lay out 5-10 drops of it onto my palette, and then 1-2 drops of paint. depending on application, I may add more medium or more paint, but its a good starting point.


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